Presentation Of The Analysis Function Of Semalt's SEO Dashboard 

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the analysis function of the SEO dedicated dashboard in a much more detailed way. But before that, we must find out what the SEO Dashboard is.

In fact, it is a website analysis tool with several extraordinary features. It was designed by Semalt experts due to the shortcomings of the old tools existing on the market. Thanks to its multiple functions, you can perform several tasks on websites in record time. It is also the most recommended tool by SEO experts or specialists, due to its ability to analyze the competition.  

Indeed, Semalt's SEO Dashboard is a tool that every SEO agent or provider must have. It is not only very powerful but also helps you save enough time while satisfying your clients. Now, let's find out how the analysis feature of this tool can be useful for you.

Top Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very important study for all marketers. Indeed, through keyword research, you can create content strategies to improve the organic ranking of websites. Afterwards, you can track the ranking of these websites on Google.

There are several ways to perform keyword research, either by following a different process or by using a very powerful tool. However, the tool should be chosen according to the complexity and depth of the search you want to do. Indeed, if you want to include more variables and think about an algorithm other than prioritization, it is very important to refer to the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

The analysis function of the tool brings out, during the keyword research, some of the most relevant variables. Here are some of these variables: 

Competitive Analysis

Analyzing the competition means understanding the strategies used by competitors who compete in the same market. Especially those who are in the same niche as you. Indeed, this is an important step because it contributes to the creation of more strategic plans focused on website optimization.

In addition, digital marketing is constantly evolving, making it necessary to update new metrics daily. Then, user behaviour must adapt and respond to new demands that arise.

Therefore, the role of the competitor is essential, because this is how you can see your mistakes and success. And subsequently, you can avoid repeating the same failures as the competitors. To carry out such a task, the Dedicated SEO Dashboard is the most suitable tool. Because thanks to its analysis function, you will save not only time but also additional costs.

Important factors to consider when analyzing competitors 

The analysis function of the SEO Dashboard helps you define and analyze the most important metrics of your partners' websites. We can mention, for example: 
  • Competitors' keywords that are on top. 
  • The authority level of the competitor's site.
  • Links that bring more traffic to competitors and others.
Then you will have to choose which direct and indirect competitors will be analyzed. If you want to facilitate this step, analyze the first competitors to appear in Google searches.

Indeed, direct competitors are those who work with products very similar to those of your partners. Moreover, they have the same personality type as them. Indirect competitors, on the other hand, are companies that can replace your partners' product with another similar product on the market. 

After choosing and collecting information from competitors based on metrics, you can then move on to analyzing the data obtained. Thus, the analysis function of Semalt's tool, helps you understand what contributes most to your sites in terms of gaining importance in search engines.

This is the ideal step to identify weaknesses in your strategy and make a difference. In addition, after checking the problems related to On-Page, such as: 
  • Internal links
  • The type of content offered
  • User-friendly URLs and anything else you need
You can then apply the necessary optimizations to the websites.

Checking the uniqueness of the page

As you know, the uniqueness of the content of any website is a very fundamental element. For this reason, the presence of plagiarized content is considered theft in the eyes of Google and can lead to a very severe penalty. 

For this fact, it is something that you should not neglect at all. The plagiarism check feature of the dedicated SEO dashboard is extremely powerful. It lets you know if the content is duplicated or already used by competitors in a short time.

Website page analysis

As a marketer or SEO manager, it is very important that you check your partners' websites from time to time. Indeed, such an action will allow you to make sure that everything is working properly or not. And to do this effectively and much faster, you should opt for the SEO Dedicated Dashboard. Because its analysis function only, can help you detect in a short time, all the aspects that you can improve to strengthen the health of your sites.

Analyzing a website is a process that can be a bit expensive the first time you do it. But thanks to the SEO Dashboard you can do it easily and cheaply. Moreover, you will have all the support of Semalt's experts, to accompany you in your different tasks.  


One of the most important parts that the analysis function of Semalt's tool takes into account is the conversion of the website. Indeed, this part consists in checking if your customers' pages are converting properly. However, keep in mind that there are many types of conversions. For example, if your partners do not sell products from their pages, you cannot translate the conversion into a purchase. 

A conversion can also be translated by the fact that website visitors call by phone number. Similarly, if they send you a contact form, download content from the blog or subscribe.

The analysis of the web page speed

Slow page loading leads the user to quickly leave the page. Specifically, research indicates that if it takes more than 3 seconds, 40% of people will look for another alternative.

Indeed, the reasons for this slowness can be multiple, but with the dedicated SEO Dashboard, you can easily identify these problems. For example, it could be a very large image or something extremely complex.

Anyway, here are some essential things, which Semalt's tool's analysis feature can help you check regarding the website speed:
  • Adequate load time
  • Image optimization 
  • Use of JavaScript and CSS blocking for rendering to optimize your loading
  • Compressing the HTML file
  • Compressing the JavaScript file
  • Use of CDN to optimize load times
  • Compressing CSS, etc. 
The analysis tool (SEO Dedicated Dashboard) of pages, will give you the complete diagnosis of your pages in record time. 

Let's discover some of the benefits of the SEO Dashboard

Apart from the analysis function of the tool, it offers you several other benefits. 

Create a report

As an SEO provider, you must know that the report center is very useful for you. Indeed, the report center of the SEO Dedicated Dashboard, allows you to download all your clients' reports in different formats. 

You have the option to download it in PDF or CSV format. Once you send these reports to your clients, they will not hesitate to testify to your competence, because a well-done report must be accompanied by proof. Moreover, with the SEO dedicated dashboard, you can brand your reports with your logo at each client's request.

White Label Template

The white label template allows any marketer to use the dedicated SEO dashboard to perform work on behalf of their owncompany. By using this tool, you own your own domain name, which allows clients to recognize you quickly.

In addition, the tasks you will perform for your clients with the tool can be accompanied by your badge or logo. This is a very special feature of the tool, which you will not find anywhere else. 

Using the dedicated SEO dashboard, you can fill in your personal contact information. This will encourage customers to contact you if they need to. This way, you will be able to develop a very serious relationship with your customers, based on trust. 

Moreover, if you choose the dedicated SEO dashboard, you can use your physical address on Google Maps. This way, no matter where you are to set up your structure, your customers will be able to locate you easily.

SEO Dashboard: Get a 14-days free trial

If you want to get a working knowledge of the tool, Semalt offers you a 14-days free trial. During these 14 days, you can have unlimited access to all the features available on the tool. 

This will allow you to test the performance of the tool. During the trial period, you also have the possibility to track your customers' demand or any data of your prospects. Semalt will provide you with everything you need in this regard.

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